Energy Centers of the Body

The body expresses energy centers.  A body energy center may be described as a source or flow of energy the body uses to maintain homeostasis.  There are two types of body energy centers.  There are the Functional Energy Centers which are used to manifest and transfer energy in the body.  The other type is the body's Adapting Energy Centers, which are created during the body's adaptation procedures to maintain a level of homeostasis.

Body Functional Energy Centers

Functional Energy Centers are those centers which are present in every body.  The purpose of the Functional Energy Centers is to maintain the flow of energy necessary for the transfer of energy from the Body Intelligent Energy source and the transfer of energy within the body to maintain life activity.  


These centers are present in every human being expressing life. SEREM® identified functional Energy Centers include the Meridian System, the Spinal Nervous System, the Brain, the Cranial Nerves and the various body organs.

Body Adaptation Energy Centers

The Adaptation Energy Centers are created as a result of the body's effort to adapt to an insult.  Many times the resulting Adaptation Energy Center may remain even after the insult causing the adaptation has dissipated.


SEREM® chiropractic has  identified Adapting Energy Centers which include reaction to pathogens (bacteria, virus, or fungus), nutrition imbalance, emotion (experience or thought), inflammations, injuries and allergies.


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