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A new advancement in chiropractic treatment, State Energy Remedy® (SEREM®), stops or reduces the suffering from pain and symptoms almost instantly. Patients can always count on results.  Sufferers’ who enter a SEREM® chiropractic office leave the office relieved of the suffering every time.  It is an amazing, wonderful, gentle and non-forceful treatment.   

SEREM® Purpose:  

To help people recapture the Joy of feeling good.

SEREM® Mission:

To share with those ready to receive it, the human body’s awe-inspiring power to be free of pain and symptoms when the body’s energies are released by the SEREM® treatment.

To gain information on symptom response to the SEREM® treatment click on the underlined and colored symptom below.

Arthritis pain  -  Digestive upset  - Knee pain Migraine nausea -  Migraine pain -  Migraine vomiting -  Nocturnal urination symptoms Shortness of breath  - Stomach  pain -  Wry neck