Wry neck:  A three month old child with torticollis (wry neck) was brought in my the mother.  A previous evaluation by a nationally known clinic prescribed surgery.  The child responded immediately after the first treatment with the gentle non-forceful SEREM® treatment by raising the head and turning the head and neck.  The mother was tearful in her gratitude.  After several follow up visits there was no more necessity for further treatment.   

Digestive upset:  Female in her early forties, complained of chronic digestive problems that affected her to the point of not being able to eat much more than pureed food, fruit and cooked cereal.  This kept her from eating out with her family and having difficulty in taking part in Holidays and family celebrations.    Her response after the first visit with the gentle non-forceful SEREM® treatment was in her words “Amazing”.  She felt good enough to eat her first solid meal in months.  After just six visits she was able to eat without fear of nausea, vomiting or loose stool.   

Nocturnal urination symptoms:  A gentleman in his late fifties came with the complaint of not being able to get a good night sleep because he was up almost every hour with the urge to urinate.  A doctor he had consulted previously advised him not to drink anything after Six PM.  At his third visit for the gentle non-forceful SEREM® treatment he reported that he had only been awakened to go to the bathroom twice the previous night. His comment was, “I am very happy.”

Shortness of breath:   A lady in her late sixties came to me with the complaint of shortness of breath which had been diagnosed as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). She said she had trouble climbing stairs and playing with her grandchildren.  After just six treatments with the gentle non-forceful SEREM® treatment she reported her breathing had improved by over 50%.  She could now climb stairs easier and enjoy her grandchildren to a greater degree.  

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