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By Ronald O. Masters II, D.C. SEREM® Discoverer and Developer


First some background.  I come from a family of chiropractors.  My father and his two brothers, my two brothers, my two sons, a nephew and a daughter-in-law are all chiropractic graduates.  My father R. O. Masters Sr., was the first in the family to enter the profession and the most active in efforts to elevate the profession on a state and national level.  


Dr. R. O. Sr. was a seeker of knowledge.  He could call many of the chiropractic pioneers his friends or acquaintances.  B. J. Palmer recognized him for his achievements while he was still a student at Palmer Chiropractic College by presenting him with the B. J.’s prestigious Black Tie.  


Dr. R. O. Sr. was personal friends with Dr. Major DeJarnett, the father of the Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT);  Dr. George Goodheart, the father of Applied Kinnesiology (AK); Dr. Clay Thompson the father of the Thompson Drop Technique; Dr. Clarence Gonstead, father of the Gonstead technique;  Dr. Arlan Feurh, father of the Activator Technique and many others.  At the age of 78, he studied acupuncture and passed the Arizona Acupuncture Board exams with a score of 98.  


Dr. R. O. Sr., as he was greeted, developed a unique occipital analysis and occipital adjustment.  It is specific and very effective when called for.  He taught his occipital technique to Doctors of Chiropractic across the nation.  Palmer Chiropractic College recognized him for his efforts by presenting to him the second Palmer Chiropractic College Scientific Award for his work on the Occiput.  The first P.C.C. Scientific Award went to Dr. David Palmer.


I mention all this because each of these and other pioneers in chiropractic had an influence on the way Dr. R. O. Sr. practiced and the way I practiced.  I was fortunate to have been exposed to many different chiropractic techniques and therapies, and I developed an appreciation for each one of them.  They worked well for me when I was in full-time practice.  Because of these varied techniques, I had an excellent reputation for getting results.  

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