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State Energy Remedy® Chiropractic is the only technique I use in my practice. Staying true to the chiropractic principle that energy interference is the cause of body dysfunction has led me to understand the magnificent integration of nerve, meridian, and consciousness energy.  


Has every patient that has consulted with me using SEREM® Chiropractic become well?  No.  Has every patient that has consulted with me responded to State Energy Remedy® Chiropractic while they were in my office?  Yes.  I have yet to find a symptom that does not respond to State Energy Remedy® Chiropractic care.  Why then don’t they all get well?  There are many factors to a person’s health.  To name a few, there is cost, time, belief, peer pressure, social pressure, life-style and others too numerous to mention.  


The difference between the results I was getting through my patients before 1993 with “classic” chiropractic and the results I am getting after 1997 with State Energy Remedy Chiropractic is that each patient  leaves my office with either no symptoms or reduced symptoms, subjectively.   Patients feel better and they don’t have to wait to see if they will get results.


I have developed hands on seminars so that each chiropractor who takes them may use State Energy Remedy® chiropractic as an adjunct to their present practice protocol to relieve pain and symptoms (SEREM® I Symptom Power) or as a complete practice protocol to take their patients to a greater sense of wellness (SEREM® II, Healing Power).


To quote a Doctor who uses SEREM® Chiropractic, “It is the most effective technique available to chiropractors today.  It is awesome; it does not fail.”


Other Doctors of Chiropractic will have the same experience if they learn to use it to allow their patients to be pain free.  Dr. Masters is teaching SEREM® seminars. The SEREM® protocol of care has been taught to over 100 chiropractors.  Those that use it record awesome results getting people well.


Ronald O. Masters II, D.C. State Energy Remedy® Developer


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