State Energy Remedy®  (SEREM®)  is a chiropractic health care treatment based on the scientific principle that all functions of the human  body are guided by an intelligent energy.  That intelligent energy is so pervasive that the Textbook of Medical Physiology, 11th edition by Guyton, M.D. and Hall, Ph.D. describes it in the following manner. ...”the human being is actually an automaton, and the fact that we are sensing, feeling and knowledgeable beings is part of the automatic sequence of life”... (Chapter 1, page 3, paragraph 2).


Your body’s intelligent energy can be compared to the electricity that runs your home and the frequencies you receive on your radio.  Your body’s intelligent energy proceeds from its source to the part of your body it is guiding through two pathways:  1. The Nerve System; the nerve energy pathways may be compared to the electrical wiring in your home.  2. The Meridian System: the meridian energy pathways (defined by Orientals centuries ago) may be compared to the radio frequencies on your radio dial.  


It is through these two energy systems that your body’s intelligent energy controls your body by giving it hundreds of thousands of commands hourly, producing normal function and adaptation to all  of your life stresses so that you may live a healthy symptom free life.   


Examples of the constant guidance capabilities of your body’s intelligent energy is your heart’s pulse rate, the digestion of the food you eat, breathing, and all physical activities.   You only become aware of these body functions if there is an interruption or interference (discordant energy) to the body’s intelligent energy flow through either of the two energy pathways (nerve system - meridian system).  


Discordant energy, an energy pathway interruption, causes your body to lack the ability to adapt properly to life stresses, resulting in pain or symptoms.  These resulting pains or symptoms are indications to you that your body is not working correctly or to its full capability.


The chiropractic health care procedure State Energy Remedy® Chiropractic (SEREM®) evaluates each of your symptoms being treated to determine which of the many avenues of your two energy pathways (nerve system - meridian system) are involved.  After finding the dysfunctional energy path associated with your symptom, SEREM® clears the energy pathway so your body functions become more responsive to your intelligent energy, as in good health.  SEREM®  clearing may be compared to flipping an electrical switch, repairing a blown fuse or removing the static interference from your radio frequency.


When working with your body’s energies, symptom reduction may happen almost instantly.  Health restoration requires more time because health restoration requires a change of body function which takes longer and is not immediate.  


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For an in-depth understanding of SEREM® basics follow the tabs 1. through 15.