Body Insults and Body Adaptation

The State Energy Remedy®  (SEREM®) chiropractic procedure uses the body's autonomic need to protect itself from even the smallest insult.   An insult to the body is anything that alters its functional ability and therefore causes the body to adapt.  The insult may cause the body to adapt towards well-being or away from well-being.  The body only reacts to, and therefore adapts to a negative stimulus or insult according to Guyton's textbook on Medical Physiology.  The result of the adaptation may be positive or negative to the present level of body homeostasis.  


Insults to the Being may result as positive or negative depending on the body's adaptation toward a greater or a lesser well-being (state of health - homeostasis).  What may be a positive insult to one body may be a negative insult to another’s depending on the level of the individual's homeostasis.  As an example, a glass of water can be a positive insult to a person with a healthy homeostasis who has a slight thirst.  Yet a glass of water can be a negative insult to a person with a near death homeostasis in a highly dehydrated state.   The difference between the two examples depends on the body's state of being (level of homeostasis) and the body's  ability to adapt to insults.


A negative insult may be as large as a boulder falling on the body or as slight as a negative thought.  Each causes an altered body function and therefore a resulting body adaptation in order for the body to maintain a level of homeostasis.

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