Why SEREM® Works, continued

Myotatic Load Reflex, Stress

The Myotatic Load Reflex is primary to maintaining the body’s physical integrity.   The Myotatic Load Reflex keeps the muscles of the being's body responsive to normal activity. When the being's homeostatic state is insulted, there is a partial to full collapse of the Myotatic Load Reflex response.

An example of a physical insult and the Myotatic Load Reflex response is a blow to the chin of a boxer.  A partial collapse of the Myotatic Load Reflex is noted when after the blow to the chin, instantaneously and involuntarily the boxer's arms drop loosely to the boxer's side and the boxer's legs wobble or completely give way.

An example of a non-physical emotional insult to the Being and the Myotatic Load Response is when a person who has been shopping, comes home to a dark house and as they enter with packages in arms, they are shocked by a surprise party.  At the moment of the shock "SURPRISE", the person’s body instantaneously reacts by causing a partial collapse of the Myotatic Load Reflex.  The person drops the packages and has trouble standing until the body is able to adapt and restore the Myotatic Load Reflex to its normal response.

No matter the intensity of the insult, the Myotatic Load Reflex responds in the same manner.  The Myotatic Load Reflex is even effected when the Being has what the Being considers a negative thought.  As with all other insults to the body’s energy, the body attempts to properly adapt which causes the Myotatic Load Reflex to again become intact.  In most instances of insult, the body is able to adapt within seconds.

State Energy Remedy®  (SEREM® ) uses the body's response to an insult (Myotatic Load Reflex collapse) as an indicator to determine if the body is operating in a  healthy functional adaptation state (well-being).

SEREM and Energy Pathways

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