Nerve Energy Pathway

The Nervous System is the pathway for nerve energy.  The Nervous System was described and discussed as early as Hippocrates and Plato in early Greece.  The energy transmission process is a continuing discussion which started as a physical pathway, then to a pathway of cellular energy transfer, and now a chemical transfer.  There is a school of thought that the intelligence transfer over the Nerve pathway is a frequency transfer.

Meridian Energy Pathway

The meridian energy system is much like individual electrical magnetic fields which seem to flow through the periphery of the body. The peripheral energy components were mapped and defined by Orientals centuries ago.  The Orientals associated 12 major peripheral body energy pathways with major organs of the body.  


NOTE: It is important to note that in State Energy Remedy®  involvement of a body meridian energy system does not mean that the organ or organs the Orientals associated with that particular meridian is involved or not involved.  Unlike acupuncture SEREM® does not use needles or electrical stimulation of acupuncture points.


Thought Energy Pathway

The description of Thought as an energy pathway is as old as Metaphysics yet as new as Quantum Physics.  Both Metaphysics and Quantum Physics agree that Thought has no specific pathway.  Each describes it as being without boundaries.  Each describes it as an essential part of Being.


Thought is used as a tool in State Energy Remedy® (SEREM®) protocol.


Why SEREM® Works, continued

Body Energy Pathways

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