State Energy Remedy® Chiropractic (SEREM®)

Therefore, State Energy Remedy® (SEREM®) is a chiropractic health care protocol which integrates the energies of the patient's consciousness, nervous system, and meridian system in order to find and clear distortion in the body's energy pathways.  By clearing the body's energy pathways of discordant energy, the body’s expression (state) changes from what may be defined as a symptom prevalent state of health of dysfunctional adaptation to a symptom free state of health of functional adaptation.

The SEREM® treatment is a gentle non-forceful treatment that clears body energy distortion by discordant energies to restore well-being. Because SEREM® approaches body dysfunction (symptoms, pain, etc.) from the dysfunction’s energy base. The results can be just as fast as flipping a switch to turn on a light bulb.

Why SEREM® Works, continued

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The SEREM Discovery

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