When the body is in a state of disease, in other words not manifesting an exact replication of the Intelligent Autonomic Mind's communication, it exhibits a continued effort to maintain a  level of stability referred to as “homeostasis”.  The abnormal physical manifestations (disease) represent the highest level of homeostasis the Being can attain given the quality of communication from the energy source, the Intelligent Autonomic Mind.    


The body is determined to maintain stability (homeostasis) just on different levels, depending on the quality of the Intelligent Autonomic Mind's communication received.  Assuming that levels of health are synonymous with levels of homeostasis, they  range from a homeostasis state of perfect health to a homeostasis state of near death, then the disease state is a normal expression of the physical body's reception of the quality of  communication received from the Intelligent Autonomic Mind.

Illustration of the expression of homeostasis at near perfect health

Illustration of the expression of homeostasis at near imperfect health

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