The Multitasking

Intelligent Autonomic Mind


In order to express life, the human being expresses itself on many levels at the same time.  Each level of expression is controlled by the Intelligent Autonomic Mind.  An example of the Intelligent Autonomic Mind's multitasking on different levels is the digestive system tract.  When a person is in the process of eating and chewing, the Intelligent Autonomic Mind stimulates the proper amount of saliva and controls the proper muscle action sequence for chewing and swallowing.   At the same time, the Intelligent Autonomic Mind is preparing the stomach for what is in the mouth, as well as monitoring and directing the proper digestive processes for the material already in the stomach.  The Intelligent Autonomic Mind also controls the proper muscle action to continue the material through the digestive tract to the next process necessary to extract as much energy as needed from the ingested material before it passes the remaining material out through the anal canal.


This is just one of the many scenes of the multitasking activities the Intelligent Autonomic Mind handles on a moment to moment basis to keep the physical body at its present level of homeostasis.  It is the expression of Life.


SEREM and Thought

Why SEREM® Works, continued

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