Intelligent Autonomic Mind

The human body has no ability to function without energy. The human body is a physical model (Guyton's “automaton”) of an Intelligent Autonomic Mind’s direction. The term "Intelligent Autonomic Mind" is used in the explanation of State Energy Remedy to identify the intelligent energy that directs each of the physical body’s functions.  Other efforts too identify and label the Intelligent Autonomic Mind are either too confining or too polarizing, as in Innate or God. The Intelligent Autonomic Mind’s directions form, operate, and direct the manifestation (being and expression) and adaptation of the physical body.  


The Intelligent Autonomic Mind has but two functions. One function is to maintain stability in the body (homeostasis), and the second function is to react to a negative insult. The Intelligent Autonomic Mind directing  the body functions is never wrong, however, its instructions may be interfered with during transmission thus discordant energy.


Illustration: the Intelligent Autonomic Mind behind the physical body.

SEREM and Body Pathways

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