Thought and State

Science has defined the importance of thought in developing a human being's position in life.  Science has also shown that thought is known to intensify pain when the Being's thought is directed toward pain.  Conversely, thought is known to diminish pain when the Being's thought is directed away from the pain.  


Thought and its effect on the human being's "State" is central to the ability of State Energy Remedy® (SEREM®)  to determine and clear the  Intelligent Autonomic Mind’s pathways of discordant energy. Therefore the term “State Energy Remedy®”  or SEREM®.


State Energy Remedy® (SEREM®)

State Energy Remedy  (SEREM ) is a health care protocol which integrates the energies of the patient's consciousness, nervous system, and meridian system in order to clear the body's energy pathways of distortion and therefore changes the body's energy expression from what may be defined as a symptom prevalent state of health of dysfunctional adaptation to a symptom free state of health of functional adaptation.


Insults to the body

Why SEREM® Works, continued

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