Migraine stopped immediately at its peak (severe head pain, light sensitivity, nausea and vomiting) with the SEREM® treatment .  Person suffering was a female in her mid-thirties, employed.  She has been suffering with migraines since her preteen years.  The symptoms included light and noise sensitivity, frequent eye pain, nausea and vomiting.  The drugs she was using to control her migraines would leave her all washed out for two to three days afterward.  After the SEREM® treatment her comment was, “I feel great.  No headache, no fatigue, in fact no after affects.  This is wonderful.  I can hardly believe it.”  

Since being treated with SEREM® she has not experienced any frequency of migraines or the symptoms of pre-migraine.   

Severe knee pain relieved on the first visit.  Male, early sixties, disabled, cannot walk or stand for even short periods of time due to excruciating knee pain.  The knee pain has kept him from working.  He was contemplating surgery but wanted it to be a last resort.  

On his first visit using the gentle non-forceful SEREM® treatment he was astounded at the relief he received.  The knee pain was quickly resolved and he was able to return to work pain free.

Stomach pain, headaches reduced on the first visit.  Female, seventies, retired, suffered pain in the stomach that radiates around her body.  She complains of being tired all of the time, suffers headaches, and dizziness.  Her statement was “I have tried everything and nothing helps, the pain is constant.”  

After receiving the gentle non-forceful SEREM® treatment she declared, “My pain is gone.  I have a new lease on life.”  She no longer suffers stomach pain, nor headaches, nor fatigue.

Arthritis:  Male, late forties, had to quit his job because of severe arthritis pain and swelling in his knees and wrists.  He was so “laid up” he was considering applying for disability.  

After the gentle non-forceful SEREM® treatments he was able to return to work with very little pain and no swelling.  His comment: “Life is enjoyable again.”

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